Hosler Outstanding Leadership Award (new in 2021)

Lynne Johnson | Stratford Middle School and High School  (2021 Recipient of Hosler Award)


To stimulate, encourage, and reward outstanding contributions to the advancement of business education.  

New in 2021 and more reflective of WEBIT during the past 10 years. This is a combination of the Hosler and Outstanding Educator Award.

The nominee must be primarily engaged in teaching, administering, or making significant contributions to business education or information technology programs at the K-12, post secondary, or administrative level in the State of Wisconsin. The nominee must be a current member of WEBIT and have been a member two years prior to making the nomination. Nominations can be made by a school administrator, colleague, or student/prior student. Self nominations are also accepted. The recipient of this award must register and be present at the annual fall conference to accept the award. Nominations are due by Wed., Aug 4, 2021.

Who Were the Hoslers?

Dr. Russ Hosler came from Ohio to Wisconsin in 1946 and established the first graduate program for business teachers in the state.  When he came, Whitewater was the only place in the state with a business education program and that was only at the undergraduate level.  In 1949 Russ gathered a few people together and initiated the beginnings of the Wisconsin Business Education Association.  He brought the first marketing program to Wisconsin and initiated the first chapter of Delta Pi Epsilon in the state.  Dr. Hosler had many firsts and held numerous leadership positions at the national level including NBEA president.  Through his efforts NBEA was able to build their national headquarters building in Reston, Virginia.  He personally went to Washington D.C. to lobby and to make sure business education was specifically written into the Perkins Act.   The original version of the bill had excluded business education from receiving federal funding.

Dr. Mary Margaret Hosler was a career Business educator. She was born and raised in Wisconsin, and got her start as a high school teacher.  She received her bachelor's degree in 1961 from UW-Whitewater, her master's from UW-Madison in 1963, and her doctorate in 1967 from UW-Madison.  Mary Margaret taught in the Business Education department at UW-Whitewater between 1967-199? and for many of those years was the leader of that department. She was also a long-time WEBIT (formerly WBEA member) and contributor to our professional organization.  Her contributions and donations over the years have not gone unnoticed.

Together the Hoslers worked tirelessly to advance Business Education in the State of Wisconsin and across the country.

Hosler Outstanding Leadership Award Nomination Form (new in 2021)

Award Recipients:

2021 - Lynne Johnson

2020 - Dave Thomas

2019 - Sheri Gunderson

2018 - Jan Imhoff

2017 - Steven Doell

2016 - Stephanie Jansen

2015 - Cynthia Teal

2014 - Michelle McGlynn

2013 - Jennifer Gipp

2012 - Dr. Debbie Stanislawski

2011 - Jennifer Koch-Wegner

2010 - Annette O’Hern

2009 - Bonnie Smith

2008 - Harriet Rogers

2007 - Marcia James

2006 - Lila Waldman

2005 - Judith J. Lambrecht

2004 - Krisan Vine

2003 - Dr. Robert Ristau

2002 - Judy Olson-Sutton

2001 - Michael Tokheim

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