Russell J. Hosler Biography

Dr. Russ Hosler came from Ohio to Wisconsin in 1946 and established the first graduate program for business teachers in the state.  When he came, Whitewater was the only place in the state with a business education program and that was only at the undergraduate level.  In 1949 Russ gathered a few people together and initiated the beginnings of the Wisconsin Business Education Association.  He brought the first marketing program to Wisconsin and initiated the first chapter of Delta Pi Epsilon in the state.  Dr. Hosler had many firsts and held numerous leadership positions at the national level including NBEA president.  Through his efforts NBEA was able to build their national headquarters building in Reston, Virginia.  He personally went to Washington D.C. to lobby and to make sure business education was specifically written into the Perkins Act.   The original version of the bill had excluded business education from receiving federal funding.

On the personal side, he was a water skier and if you were a graduate student in his program, you had to take Part B of the grad exam, which meant attempting water skiing on Lake Waubesa in McFarland.  He worshiped the Badgers and when he came to WBEA to conduct the Run/Walk he was dressed from head to toe in Bucky Badger colors.

The individual recognized as the recipient of the Russell J. Hosler Award follows in the footsteps of Russ in exemplifying leadership to business education.

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