Russell J. Hosler Award

David M. Thomas | Department of Public Instruction  (2020 Recipient)


To stimulate, encourage, and reward outstanding contributions to the advancement of business education.  Click here to learn more about Dr. Russell J. Hosler.  

Nature of the Contribution
The contribution may be a single achievement or it may embrace a group of related achievements leading to but are not limited to:

  • Teaching (theory, method, and/or classroom practice)
  • Business and industry, with definite implications and significance in education
  • Teaching methodology
  • Professional literature
  • Research (original research or the guiding of research)
  • Organizations (committees, associations, etc.)
  • Administration of business education programs in K-12 or post-secondary schools

Plaque and Cash Award
Each recipient of the Russell J. Hosler Award will receive a plaque and a gift of $300.

Two independent committees composed of prominent business educators administer the award. The Administrative Committee (6 members) oversees the administration of the award. The Board of Selection (6 members) selects the winner.

Selection Criteria
The recipient of the award is a person who, in the judgment of the Board of Selection, has made an outstanding, meritorious contribution to the development and advancement of business education.

Nominations may be made by any individual other than members of the Administrative Committee or the Board of Selection. Further, members currently serving on either committee are not eligible to receive the award. No member of the Administrative Committee or the Board of Selection shall submit an endorsement or recommendation on behalf of any nominee. A candidate, to be considered, must be nominated on the official nomination form. Selection of the recipient of the award will be solely and exclusively the responsibility and authority of the Board of Selection. Selection is to be made strictly on the merits of the contribution of the recipient.  

Russell Hosler Award Nomination Form

Award Recipients:

2020 - Dave Thomas

2019 - Sheri Gunderson

2018 - Jan Imhoff

2017 - Steven Doell

2016 - Stephanie Jansen

2015 - Cynthia Teal

2014 - Michelle McGlynn

2013 - Jennifer Gipp

2012 - Dr. Debbie Stanislawski

2011 - Jennifer Koch-Wegner

2010 - Annette O’Hern

2009 - Bonnie Smith

2008 - Harriet Rogers

2007 - Marcia James

2006 - Lila Waldman

2005 - Judith J. Lambrecht

2004 - Krisan Vine

2003 - Dr. Robert Ristau

2002 - Judy Olson-Sutton

2001 - Michael Tokheim

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