ISBE Scholarship

Guidelines (Revised  April 2011)

Application Form 


  • Senior or graduate student attending a college or university seeking certification to teach business courses OR
  • Teacher of business education with ten or fewer years of teaching
  • Member of NBEA and ISBE

Amount of Scholarship

  • Each scholarship for attendance at a USA conference is $500
  • Each scholarship for attendance at an international conference is $1,000
  • Maximum of $3,000 awarded in any one year

Use of Scholarship Funds

Scholarship funds must be used to defray expenses for attendance at:

  • NBEA or
  • SIEC/ISBE International Conference or
  • Regional NBEA conference with some international sessions

Application Process

  1. Obtain an application form from the ISBE website ( or the fall ISBE newsletter
  2. Determine a new (not previously published) international project to be used for the scholarship requirement.  (See attached list for suggestions)
  3. Summarize the project in one page or less
  4. Submit completed application form, project summary, and personal resume (not to exceed two pages) by December 1 and send to President, USA Chapter ISBE, c/o National Business Education Association, 1914 Association Drive, Reston, VA  20191-1596 for scholarship in the next calendar year.
  5. Receive notification of the results of the application review by February 1.
  6. Attend conference and keep track of expenses paid
  7. Submit the request for reimbursement, along with appropriate receipts, to President of the USA Chapter of ISBE along with completed project and documentation no later than three months after attending the conference.

Expectations of Recipient

  • Attend conference proposed
  • Complete the project described in the application process
  • Promote and advocate international business education
  • If registered for and attending NBEA convention, attend ISBE banquet as guest of US-ISBE chapter
  • Prepare a short (at least 250 words) article summarizing the project and/or conference experience and submit to editor of US ISBE chapter newsletter

Guidelines for ISBE Board 

  1. President to receive application forms by December 1
  2. President to verify eligibility and send each application to each member of the Scholarship Committee by December 15
  3. Scholarship Committee members shall evaluate the proposed projects and compile results.
  4. Notification of the Scholarship Committee’s decision will be made to the applicants by February 1
  5. The scholarship recipient(s) will pay the expenses incurred for the conference and submit receipts to ISBE for reimbursement along with documentation of completed proposed project
  6. The recipient(s) will be reimbursed pending approval of the project(s) by the President and one other member of the Board or the Scholarship Committee
  7. The President should encourage and assist the recipient in disseminating the results of the project
  8. This process can be modified with the approval of the ISBE Board.  Any changes must be advertised at least 1 year in advance of their implementation or they may be implemented immediately with approval of the Board and the membership

Project Suggestions 

1. An article outlining the development of an activity for incorporating international business into business education classrooms.

2. An article reporting some research on international business.  This may be classroom action research or more formal research.

3. Development of minimum of 200 international questions to be used in ISBE newsletter with answers and explanation of answers.

4. An article to be used in the ISBE newsletter or a more formal article reporting on visits to international businesses with some comparison and analysis.

5. An article which could be used in an ISBE or SIEC publication regarding some aspect related to international business or the teaching of business subjects in an international setting.

6. An article on use of the Internet to teach international business with Internet addresses, etc.

7. Philosophical article including some references on the effect of world events on international business with suggestions for discussion/activities.

8. An article appropriate for publication on any other business-related idea which has expanded the author’s (or may expand the readers’) knowledge, interest, and awareness of global business education.

9. An original complete lesson plan which could be used in an international business course.

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